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  • Price: $ 100.00 Piece(s) / each
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    Type New
    Business type: Retail
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    Brand: ABB
    Specifications: PLC,DCS,CONTROLLER
    Date: 08-12-2019
    Quantity: Piece(s)( Stock 2 Piece(s))

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    Product details


    Contact with:Bruce
    Company name:N.S.E automation Co.,Ltd    
    WhatsApp: 0086 18050035546
    Our Advantages:
       1. 100% New Original 
       2.the technical support
       3.12 month warranty 
       4.further discounts
    Our advantege brands:
    PLC Rockwell Allen-Bradley , Prosoft , Schneider Modicon , Bachmann , General Electric , Woodhead , Siemens
    DCS ABB , HIMA , Invensys , Foxboro , Yokogawa , Invensys Triconex , Honeywell , Westinghouse, Emerson , Woodword
    TSI Bently Nevada , EPRO
    Contact with:Bruce
    Company name:N.S.E automation Co.,Ltd    
    E-mail: sales5{at]nseauto[dot]com
    WhatsApp: 0086 18050035546
    Website: h ttp://ww w.nsea m
    Our Advantages:
       1. 100% New Original 
       2.the technical support
       3.12 month warranty 
       4.further discounts
    Our advantege brands:
    PLC Rockwell Allen-Bradley , Prosoft , Schneider Modicon , Bachmann , General Electric , Woodhead , Siemens
    DCS ABB , HIMA , Invensys , Foxboro , Yokogawa , Invensys Triconex , Honeywell , Westinghouse, Emerson , Woodword
    TSI Bently Nevada , EPROW0944WC040 westcode
    W0944WC120 westcode
    W0944WC150 westcode
    W1032LC500 westcode
    W1032LC560 westcode
    W1032LC600 westcode
    W104CFC200 westcode
    W104CFC220 westcode
    W104CFD200 westcode
    W104CFD220 westcode
    W1074YC200 westcode
    W1074YC320 westcode
    W1074YH200 westcode
    W1074YH320 westcode
    W1185LC300 westcode
    W1185LC380 westcode
    W1185LC450 westcode
    W1263YC160 westcode
    W1263YC200 westcode
    W1263YC250 westcode
    W1263YH160 westcode
    W1263YH200 westcode
    W1263YH250 westcode
    W1294NC500 westcode
    W1294NC600 westcode
    W1294ND500 westcode
    W1294ND600 westcode
    W1411LC300 westcode
    W1411LC360 westcode
    W1520NC500 westcode
    W1520NC600 westcode
    W1524LC240 westcode
    W1524LC300 westcode
    W1608NC400 westcode
    W1608NC500 westcode
    W1748LC080 westcode
    W1748LC180 westcode
    W1748LC220 westcode
    W1748LC250 westcode
    W1856NC400 westcode
    W1856NC500 westcode
    W2020NC360 westcode
    W2020NC450 westcode
    W2052NC300 westcode
    W2052NC400 westcode
    W2054NC360 westcode
    W2054NC450 westcode
    W2058LC020 westcode
    W2058LC100 westcode
    W2058LC120 westcode
    W2058LC140 westcode
    W2134NC300 westcode
    W2134NC400 westcode
    W2416NC160 westcode
    W2416NC200 westcode
    W2416NC250 westcode
    W2624NC160 westcode
    W2624NC200 westcode
    W2624NC250 westcode
    W2664NC300 westcode
    W2664NC400 westcode
    W2820VC360 westcode
    W2820VC450 westcode
    W2820VF360 westcode
    W2820VF450 westcode
    W2899MC320 westcode
    W2899MC360 westcode
    W2899MC400 westcode
    W2899MC420 westcode
    W2899MC480 westcode
    W2958NC280 westcode
    W2958NC350 westcode
    W3082MC420 westcode
    W3082MC450 westcode
    W3128VC300 westcode
    W3128VC400 westcode
    W3128VF300 westcode
    W3128VF400 westcode
    W3270NC080 westcode
    W3270NC160 westcode
    W3270NC200 westcode
    W3270NC220 westcode
    W3455QK200 westcode
    W3455QK220 westcode
    W3477MC360 westcode
    W3477MC400 westcode
    W3697VC160 westcode
    W3697VC220 westcode
    W3697VC280 westcode
    W3697VF160 westcode
    W3697VF220 westcode
    W3697VF280 westcode
    W3708MC320 westcode
    W3708MC350 westcode
    W3743ZC400 westcode
    W3743ZC450 westcode
    W3743ZC500 westcode
    W3743ZD400 westcode
    W3743ZD450 westcode
    W3743ZD500 westcode
    W3841VC300 westcode
    W3841VC340 westcode
    W3841VF300 westcode
    W3841VF340 westcode
    W3842MC160 westcode
    W3842MC200 westcode
    W3842MC240 westcode
    W3842MC280 westcode
    W4096ZC340 westcode
    W4096ZC450 westcode
    W4096ZD340 westcode
    W4096ZD450 westcode
    W4307ZC200 westcode
    W4307ZC240 westcode
    W4307ZC300 westcode
    W4307ZD200 westcode
    W4307ZD240 westcode
    W4307ZD300 westcode
    W4534NC020 westcode
    W4534NC060 westcode
    W4534ND020 westcode
    W4534ND060 westcode
    W5092ZC240 westcode
    W5092ZC280 westcode
    W5092ZC320 westcode
    W5092ZC350 westcode
    W5092ZD240 westcode
    W5092ZD280 westcode
    W5092ZD320 westcode
    W5092ZD350 westcode
    W5282ZC200 westcode
    W5282ZC240 westcode
    W5282ZC300 westcode
    W5282ZD200 westcode
    W5282ZD240 westcode
    W5282ZD300 westcode
    W5292TC500 westcode
    W5292TC560 westcode
    W5292TD500 westcode
    W5292TD560 westcode
    W5439VC020 westcode
    W5439VC100 westcode
    W5439VC140 westcode
    W5439VF020 westcode
    W5439VF100 westcode
    W5439VF140 westcode
    W5696VC020 westcode
    W5696VC100 westcode
    W5696VC140 westcode
    W5696VF020 westcode
    W5696VF100 westcode
    W5696VF140 westcode
    W5838ZC120 westcode
    W5838ZC180 westcode
    W5838ZC220 westcode
    W5838ZD120 westcode
    W5838ZD180 westcode
    W5838ZD220 westcode
    W6262ZC120 westcode
    W6262ZC200 westcode
    W6262ZC240 westcode
    W6262ZD120 westcode
    W6262ZD200 westcode
    W6262ZD240 westcode
    W6908FC450 westcode
    W6908FC500 westcode
    W6908FD450 westcode
    W6908FD500 westcode
    W7032DB008 westcode
    W7032DB012 westcode
    W7032DB020 westcode
    W7675ZC020 westcode
    W7675ZC100 westcode
    W7675ZC140 westcode
    W7675ZD020 westcode
    W7675ZD100 westcode
    W7675ZD140 westcode
    W8405ZC020 westcode
    W8405ZC100 westcode
    W8405ZC140 westcode
    W8405ZD020 westcode
    W8405ZD100 westcode
    W8405ZD140 westcode
    WX198PB008 westcode
    WX198PB012 westcode
    WX198PB020 westcode
    WX210MK050 westcode
    WX210MK080 westcode
    WX248MC030 westcode
    WX248MC060 westcode
    WX249MC120 westcode
    WX249MC150 westcode
    WX250MC180 westcode
    WX250MC220 westcode
    WX254MC520 westcode
    WX254MC600 westcode
    Y200CKC250 westcode
    Y500CKC250 westcode
    SW36HXC270 westcode
    SW45HXC270 westcode
    SW16CXC320 westcode
    SW20CXC320 westcode
    SW24CXC320 westcode
    SW16CXC380 westcode
    SW20CXC380 westcode
    SW24CXC380 westcode
    SW06CXC300 westcode
    SW12CXC300 westcode
    SW15CXC300 westcode
    SW04CXC400 westcode
    SW12CXC400 westcode
    SW15CXC400 westcode
    SW04CXC470 westcode
    SW12CXC470 westcode
    SW15CXC470 westcode
    SW50CXC350 westcode
    SW56CXC350 westcode
    SW20CXC445 westcode
    SW32CXC445 westcode
    SW20HXC445 westcode
    SW32HXC445 westcode
    SW30CXC515 westcode
    SW38CXC515 westcode
    SW45CXC515 westcode
    SW16CXC565 westcode
    SW20CXC565 westcode
    SW25CXC565 westcode
    SW16HXC565 westcode
    SW20HXC565 westcode
    SW25HXC565 westcode
    SW60CXC500 westcode
    SW50CXC500 westcode
    SW50DXC500 westcode
    SW60DXC500 westcode
    SW30CXC595 westcode
    SW36CXC595 westcode
    SW50CXC620 westcode
    SW60CXC620 westcode
    SW24CXC635 westcode
    SW30CXC635 westcode
    SW40CXC680 westcode
    SW50CXC680 westcode
    SW08CXC805 westcode
    SW18CXC805 westcode
    SW22CXC805 westcode
    SW25CXC805 westcode
    SW40CXC815 westcode
    SW50CXC815 westcode
    SW36CXC818 westcode
    SW45CXC818 westcode
    SW30CXC820 westcode
    SW40CXC820 westcode
    SW36CXC920 westcode
    SW45CXC920 westcode
    SW02CXC935 westcode
    SW10CXC935 westcode
    SW12CXC935 westcode
    SW14CXC935 westcode
    SW30CXC930 westcode
    SW40CXC930 westcode
    SW16CXC950 westcode
    SW20CXC950 westcode
    SW25CXC950 westcode
    SW16CXC11C westcode
    SW20CXC11C westcode
    SW25CXC11C westcode
    SW30CXC1170 westcode
    SW40CXC1170 westcode
    SW36CXC1100 westcode
    SW45CXC1100 westcode
    SW36FXC1100 westcode
    SW45FXC1100 westcode
    WX166MC320 westcode
    WX166MC360 westcode
    WX166MC400 westcode
    WX166MC420 westcode
    WX166MC480 westcode
    SW28CXC12C westcode
    SW35CXC12C westcode
    WX253MC420 westcode
    WX253MC450 westcode
    SW30CXC13C westcode
    SW40CXC13C westcode
    SW30FXC13C westcode
    SW40FXC13C westcode
    SW08CXC14C westcode
    SW16CXC14C westcode
    SW20CXC14C westcode
    SW22CXC14C westcode
    WX252MC360 westcode
    WX252MC400 westcode
    SW16CXC16C westcode
    SW22CXC16C westcode
    SW28CXC16C westcode
    SW16FXC16C westcode
    SW22FXC16C westcode
    SW28FXC16C westcode
    WX251MC320 westcode
    WX251MC350 westcode
    SW40CXC15C westcode
    SW45CXC15C westcode
    SW50CXC15C westcode
    SW40DXC15C westcode
    SW45DXC15C westcode
    SW50DXC15C westcode
    SW30CXC17C westcode
    SW34CXC17C westcode
    SW30FXC17C westcode
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    Location: FUJIANN XIAMEN
    Address: Unit 901,Site B,Fengrun Financial holding group bu