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Alumina Ceramic Grinding Ball
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    Specifications: Alumina Ceramic Grinding Ball
    Date: 09-25-2019
    Quantity: Kg( Stock 2000000 Kg)

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    Product details

     (1)This product is composed of quality alumina with high whiteness that does not compromise the quality of the grinded material.

    (2)This product is formed by rolling and isostatic pressure with high specific gravity. It significant raises the grinding efficiency, shortens the grinding time, effectively increases the usable volume of the ball mill and thereby substantially extends the service life of the ball mill.
    (3)This product is low in abrasion, which greatly extends the service life of the ball mill.
    (4)This product withstands high temperatures of more than 1,000ºC. It is resistant against acid, alkali and corrosion.
    Physiochemical Index:

    Performance Index






    Ferric Oxide(%






    Water Absorption(%



    Volumetric Density(g/cm3)



    Compression Strength MPa









    Packing:  PP bags, 25kg/bag, 1ton/pallet 
    Product Advantages: The alumina produced by China Aluminum Corp. is used as the base material, which provides high purity, little impurity and stable quality. Production is implemented on kanban basis and the entire production process is controllable and traceable. Each batch of product is strictly tested. The process and result guarantee stable performance and proven quality of the final product.

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