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Construction machinery steel wheel rail load transfer trolley
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    Brand: Perft
    Specifications: low cost , environment friendly,flexible turning
    Date: 11-28-2019
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    Product details

    1Product description

    We offer a wide range of specially designed material transfer carts to meet the unique needs of custmers. These products include mold transport equipment, coil carts and heavy equipment transfer carts and industrial trailer systems. This cart can be run on rail or concrete floors, depending on the shipping route or the customer's project plan. Choice concept: The rail transporter is mainly used for fixed routes without turning, short-distance and high-frequency use; and the trackless transfer vehicle on the cement floor can realize 360° direction steering, which is suitable for long-distance, low-frequency unfixed routes. All of these mold transfer vehicles are safe and easy to drive, so when you get it, you can use it to transport your molds at once.


    It is Anti-high temperature, Anti-high explosion;

    The transfer cart can be powered by battery, low voltage rail, cable drum, trailing cable;

    It is Stable, Flexible, Efficient;

    Safe and convenient operation is available;

    Wired connection and wireless control, can also assemble a PLC system for fully automated operation;

    High using frequency on rail continuous work for 24 hours;

    3Company profile

    HENAN Perfect Handling Equipment are a collection of reasearch and development,design,manufacuring as one of professional internatinonal company of handling equipment.

    Our company specialized 15 years,getting 8 national we have the best quality and the lowest price.

    Looking forward to your cooperation. 

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    Seller information
    Henan perfect handling equipment co.,ltd
    Name Jack Liu
    Telephone: 18737308904
    Fax: 0373-3020756
    Location: xinxiang Henan
    Address: jinsuidadaoxinzhongdadao