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Wood Core Raised Floor with Modular Pedestal System
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    Specifications: Wood Core Raised Floor with Modular Pedestal System
    Date: 12-14-2019
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    Product details

     Wood Core Raised Floor with Modular Pedestal System

    Model: HDG.600.40.WQ

    Size: 600×600×40mm

    Finish Material: HPL 1.2mm

    Core: High-density Chipboard 38mm 780kg/m3

    Back Plate Galvanized Steel 0.4mm

    Edge Trim: PVC 0.6mm

    FFH: 150mm-1500mm

    Weight 11kg/pcs


    Modular Pedestal System:

    Size: 2400×1200mm

    Alloy Aluminum Column Track: 2400×56×38mm

    Stringer: Galvanized Steel 1200×30×20mm

    Tube: Galvanized Steel 250×25×2.0mm

    Screwing Bolt: M16×120mm

    Up Plate: 80×42×3.0mm

    Down Plate: 100×3.0mm

    FFH: 150mm-1500mm

    Normal Adjustable Height: 300mm±40mm


    Parameter Reference:

    Certificate: ISO9001/ISO14001/CE:EN12825-2001

    International Standard: FS1000

    Anti-Static Resistance 106~1010Ω

    Concentrated Load ≥4550N/454kg/1000lb

    Rolling Load ≥3560N

    Ultimate Load ≥13350N

    Impact Load ≥610N

    Distribution Load ≥23000N/m2

    Wear Performance ≥3000r

    Fireproof Incombustible B1


    Installation Convenience

    Moving Legs

    Avoiding Pipes  

    Easily Paving Side, Slope & Corner

    Reduce Working Time 50%

    Material Saving


    Smooth & Steady

    Integral Stability

    Stronger Loading

    Safety & Artistic

    Environmental Friendly

    Quality Guarantee 10 Years


    Package and Shipping:

    25pcs per Carton Box

    2 Carton Boxes per Pallet

    18 Pallets per 20GP

    1350pcs / 486m2 per 20GP

    Lead Time

    ≤1000sqm 15 Days

    ≥1000sqm 30 Days

     We are a company professionally specialized in manufacturing anti-static Raised Access Floor, we can design and process Calcium Sulphate, Glass, Wood Core Panel with Modular Pedestal, Steel and Aluminum Perforated raised floor and especially make unique Alloy Aluminum Column Track Pedestal that can resolve all problems of installation.

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