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fully integrated renewable energy system
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    Brand: Zenergy
    Specifications: fully integrated renewable energy system
    Date: 01-10-2020
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    Product details

     The PID problem is the PV performance degradation caused by high voltage to the earth for a long time.

    PV solar power plants Advantages

    The industry's first Dynamic Adaptive Voltage (DAV) feature, which balancing system safety and recovery speed perfectly.

    Multiple protective features to avoid secondary damage to the power station and operator.

    Powerful wireless monitoring system to obtain system status anywhere at any time.

    PID Offset Box Hights

    High Efficiency

    Fast repair of PV module

    Dynamically repair voltage prevent the degradation of

    island pv system insulation

    Low power consumpton

    Wide range of input voltag

    High Reliability

    High reliability for safety

    Compatible with the cathode grounding and insulation

    Monitoring device

    Comprehensive protection functions

    IP65 outdoor application

    Smart Controlling

    Auto start, easy operation and maintenance free

    Smart indicator display

    Output overload and short circuit protection

    Smart remote monitoring (optional)

    Flexible & Friendly

    Parallel connection, convenient and reliable

    Applicable to central and string inverters

    Compact design easy installation

    Various operating modes(optional)

    We are pid box supplier,provide PV PID recovery solution.

    Zenergy focuses on micro-gird solutions and fully integrated renewable energy for industry, resorts, islands and no electricity area to significantly reduce the energy cost and carbon footprint of our clients.

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    Zenergy Tech Co., Ltd.
    Name Yang Shan
    Telephone: 13146964155
    Location: beijing beijing
    Address: No. 32, Jinyuan Road, Daxing District,china