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CNC Wood Lathe Machine for Sale from China
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    Brand: EagleTec
    Specifications: EA-TL1530T3
    Date: 09-23-2020
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    Advantage of EagleTec CNC Lathe Machine for Wood

    • Two pieces wood turning knives design, one for roughing and one for finishing, table leg is finished by one time machining.


    There is electronic spindle designed for wood column broaching.


     The gimbal is designed to allow the electro-spindle to milling in the vertical direction or horizontally.


     Adopt big power YAKO YKA2811MA step driver to drive the XYZ smoothly.

     XYZ axes are equipped with stepper motors, big torque, model. 86BYGH450B......



    CNC Wood Lathe Machine Program Software

    Since the controller reads ***.dxf file, AutoCAD is used for the wood-turn and broaching programming software. If you are familiar with AutoCAD, it is really a simple job for you. Just construct several curves in 2D and export it in format of ***.dxf. If any interest, kindly refer to our wood turn program tutorials for more. Actually, any software that can export DXF file can be used as the programming software. 

    If you are not familiar with software, please do not worry. In addition to providing your full set detailed tutorials, we will guide you everything you need to know to start up the lathe.

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