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Grease Gun
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     Grease Gun is utilized in many automobile garages for lubrication. It uses lubricant on dirt fittings via a opening to a particular point. This point applies the lubricant only where it is needed. Grease guns come in various types including hand-powered, air-powered and hand-powered with no trigger mechanism. Grease guns are usually filled with different lubricants but they are usually thick. Using this Lubrication Tools prevents any grease from being wasted and provides better saturation of the lubricant in needed areas. Grease guns are efficient due to their longevity and handles with speed and accuracy when greasing moving components. There are several ways grease guns can be used to apply lubrication.

    On lawn mowers, a grease gun is used to lubricate spindles. To lubricate the spindle, the belt guard has to be removed. Grease fittings, including Grease Nozzles are situated at the back of the mower’s spindle which can be hard to grease by hand. Applying the fitting attachment to a grease gun will allow the spindle to easily be lubricated. The axle pivot grease fitting in front is in a location which is hard to locate unless you look under the mower. This is another point at which a grease gun needs to be used. The lawn mower deck pedal lift is another grease fitting that will need to stay lubricated. The fitting is at the mower pedal’s bottom; another hard to reach area that requires a grease gun to be lubricated.

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    Hebei Sinotools Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Name Daphne Zheng
    Telephone: 86 311 66632096
    Location: hebei shijiazhuang
    Address: 20-th Floor, Gelan Business Building, 256 Xisan Zhuang Street Xinhua District,, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China