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PV Moudle Impact Test Apparatus
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Brand: Yuanchen
Specifications: IEC 61730 Impactor and Impact Test Frame
Date: 01-27-2021
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Product details

 PV moudle Impact Test Apparatus

Related Standards:

1.     IEC 61730 Impactor and Impact Test Frame

2.     45 kg impactor and 1525 mm * 2480 mm impactor frame for IEC 61730


1.     The impactor should be a bag made of suitable material and capable of being filled to the required weight with suitable filling materials (such as steel balls or pellets).

The outside of the bag should be wrapped with tape. When filled, the size of the impact bag should be as shown in the figure below, and the weight should be 45.5 kg + 0.5 kg. The ratio of the widest diameter to the height is between 1:1,5 to 1:1,4.

2.     The test frame similar to the figure below will not minimize movement and deformation during the test. The structural frame and support should be steel channels (approximately 100 mm x 200 mm or larger). The frame should be welded or bolted firmly at the corners to minimize distortion during impact. It should also be bolted to the floor to prevent movement during the impact test.


IEC 61730-2 Photovoltaic (PV) Module Safety Certification-Part 2: Test Requirements 10.21 Module Break Test MST 32

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