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Piezoelectric Ceramics
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    Brand: Hanzhou Ultrasonic
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    Date: 07-08-2016
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    Product details

    Piezoelectric ceramics with extensive advanced materials can be customised to specific requirements, and provide a wide range of industries such as modern communications, radar, sonar, automatic measurement and ultrasonic sterilization, ultrasonic power and so on.


    1) PZT4 materials: Piezoelectric ceramics have properties of low dielectric loss and high electro mechanical coupling coefficient, which are suitable for manufacturing medium-power Items i.e. distancce sensors or low-power oscillators.


    2) PZT5 materials: Piezoelectric ceramics have high electronic mechanical coupling coefficient and piezoelectric strain constant, are generally used in making low-power radiators and devices.


    3) PZT8 materials: Piezoelectric ceramics are used in producing high-power items due to their property of high mechanical quality factor.

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