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120mm high powered binoculars It’s easily see farther, see clearer
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    Specifications: 120mm
    Date: 12-01-2016
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    Product details

    The high powered binoculars are the most useful tool for long-distance observation. However, the product cost of high powered binoculars whose objective lens is larger than 100mm is high and the production difficulty is also high. In order to meet the demand of high-end customers, we develop 120mm high powered binoculars which has high magnification, big field of view and sharp imaging, and make the consumers better experience in using. It’s easily see farther, see clearer.

              120mm high powered binoculars adopt double separation 120mm diameter lens as objective lens which is SMC full broadband coating. The focal length of objective lens is 750mm, and has a 1.25 inch standard interface, which changes the magnification via replacing the eyepiece. The standard accessories include 30x and 50x eyepiece. The high resolution and high rate allocation meets the different needs of observation.

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    Yunnan Yuanjin Optical Co., Ltd.
    Name Mr. Ma
    Telephone: 86-871-68585961
    Fax: 86-871-68265529
    Location: Kunming Yunnan
    Address: Kegao Road, Xinyushengjin neighbor, Wuhua District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province,China(Mainland)