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25x100 YJ-3 big high powered telescopes
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    Specifications: 25x100 YJ-3
    Date: 12-01-2016
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    Product details

    25x100 YJ-3 big telescopes Coin Operated Binoculars  Description:

    big telescopesCoin operated binoculars YJ-3 is specially designed for the scenic area operation, which fully meets the tourists’ needs of long range viewing, is suitable for  frequently use by non-professional tourists. big telescopesThe coin operated binoculars YJ-3 works in different climate and environment, and is able to adapt to the ever-changing environment outdoors.YJ-3 strives to create more value for operators with its simple operation performance, excellent optical performance, stable electrical performance, strong structural performance, innovative design, high cost advantage.

    25x100 YJ-3 big telescopes Coin Operated Binoculars Simple operation

    For non-professional users: the operator can easily install, set up the binoculars, and use the binoculars to create benefits; the visitors simply put the specified coins, and easily use the telescope to watch the distant scenery.

    Excellent optics

    It adopts the latest optical imaging system, professional computer optical software to optimize the imaging quality, so that visitors can get a clear and bright visual experience through the binoculars in different light. 

    Steady electrical

    The latest design of precision integrated circuit timing module, low power design, and the full waterproof design of main control circuit system , ensures the stability of the electrical system, and greatly reduce the cost of maintenance.

    Strong structure

    The telescope main engine and the column, the chassis part are all whole metal manufacturing, which greatly adapt to the different environment,  are strong and durable. The 360 degrees rotation mechanism without limit realize the experience of panoramic search. 

    Innovative appearance

    The beautiful, eye-catching, innovative patent design, fashion streamline shape, attracts more attention of visitors, and create more profit for you.  

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    Yunnan Yuanjin Optical Co., Ltd.
    Name Mr. Ma
    Telephone: 86-871-68585961
    Fax: 86-871-68265529
    Location: Kunming Yunnan
    Address: Kegao Road, Xinyushengjin neighbor, Wuhua District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province,China(Mainland)