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Advanced Adhesive Silicone Gel Foam Dressing for Scar Tissue, Sterile and Super Absorbent for Wound
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    Specifications: Silicone foam dressing
    Date: 03-17-2017
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    Silicone Gel Foam Dressing - Wound Care

    Self-adhesive Foam Dressing with Hydrocolloid are made of highly absorbent material and are often made of polyurethane foam. In general, foam dressings use a cover dressing and tape to secure it in place. Some foam dressings are waterproof with an adhesive border and do not require a cover dressing. Foam dressings do not stick to wounds or leave a residue and are sometimes used for heavily draining wounds.Special porous structure of the foam dressing helps to absorb the heavy exudates, secretion and cell debris quickly. The cover of the dressing is made of silicone gel sheeting which is used to reduce scar tissue. Silicone gel sheeting popular amoung hospitals and patients for treating scars.



    1. Suitable for use under compression bandaging. Benifit to scar tissue recovery.
    2. Unique technology effectively manages fluid to create a moist wound healing environment.
    3. Provides an effective barrier function to exogenous bacteria as well as helping to prevent fluid and bacterial strikethrough.
    4. Non-adherent wound contact layer means the dressing is suitable for use on fragile and sensitive skin, including epidermolysis bullosa wounds.
    5. Soft and comfortable for the patient and conformable to challenging body areas.
    6. Wide range of sizes that can be cut to suit different body contours.
    7. Easy to apply and remove.

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