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ID RCD 63A 30mA Interrupteur Differentiel
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    Type New
    Business type: Manufacturing
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    Brand: CNHUNG
    Specifications: 2P/4P,25,40,63A
    Date: 01-02-2019
    Quantity: Piece(s)( Stock 200000 Piece(s))

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    Product details

    ID RCCB/ELCB/RCD Residual Current Circuit Breaker

    Main specification
    Rated current(A):25,40, 63,100
    Rated Voltage(V):AC230 / 400V
    Frequency:50 / 60Hz
    Rated residual action current(mA):30, 100, 300


    Number of poles 2P, 4P
    Rated Current(In) 25,40,63,100A
    Rated residual operating current( In) 30, 100, 300M
    Rated residual non-operation Current( Ino) 0.5In
    Rated Voltage(Un) AC 2P:230 / 240V 4P:400 / 415V
    Residual operating current scope 0.5In~In
    Residual current off-time ≤0.3s
    Type A, AC
    Ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity (Inc) 3000A
    Endurance ≥4000
    Terminal protection IP20
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