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Title: Do you need a Distributor in Australia?
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Date: 09-17-2010
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Do you need your product distributed in Australia? Koradi Group can do this for you, if you need your product to be introduced and shown to the Australian public, our highly trainned staff can do this for you.
Koradi Group is a bussiness with a vision of going forward with your product and moving your product and get it to the top of the sales list.
Australia is only one of the contries we distribute as there are too many to list
If you would like your product to be sold in Australia, just email us with the details and we will move forward from there
As you know all these other big brands started somewhere at the bottom before they got to the top, we at Koradi Group will get you there.
WE are interested in talking to electronic manufactures and clothing manufactures or if you believe your product can sell in australia