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    Title: Loans and international Financing available
    Price: 21337/42455
    Valid for: permanent
    Transaction types: All
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    Date: 01-28-2020
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    Note: When using other ways of payment but not our Intermediary Guarantee of Payment service, buyers and sellers have full responsibility & liability for any risks and financial loss. In this case, we suggest buyers and sellers contact each other directly for details including authentication to avoid scams.


    Loans and international Financing available between US$500,000,00 -900,000,000.00.
    Below are the requirements for such Loans
    *4% Interest rate
    *Requirements for Lease Finance 
    *Application form and letter/completions of our KYC FORM alongside the feasibility study of your project summary.
    *Approval within 48 hours
    *Presentations of Loans Term sheet and our model personal repayments guarantee.
    *Pro-forma invoice 
    * Board resolution/meetings and funds release.
    For any inquiries, please call or email us:
    Registration number: 04656641.